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Ultra Shine Price List

A wash includes the cleaning of the exterior body and windows of the vehicle. The tires are dressed and the wheels are cleaned. The inside is wiped down and vacuumed if interior is included.

“Just a Wash” (exterior only) Car - $25.00 Truck/SUV - $35.00 Van - $45.00
“Total Wash” (inside and out) Car - $45.00 Truck/SUV - $65.00 Van - $75.00

A standard Detail includes the previously mentioned elements of the wash plus the use of wax on the painted surfaces, shampooing of mats, carpet and upholstered parts of the interior. Also leather cleaning and moisturizing, dash, console and door-jam attention and treatment are also done. The general effort is to bring the vehicle as close to new condition as possible.

“Ultra Detail” Car - $165.00 Truck/SUV -$185.00 Van - $235.00
Paint correction is the process of removing or minimizing light scratches from painted surfaces of a vehicle with the use of a high speed or dual action buffer. Also compounds, polishes, and glazes are used to complete the process.

“Paint Correction” starting at $155.00 and up.

“Headlight Restoration” starting at $100.00 a pair

“Odor/Bacteria Elimination” starting at $85.00

Paint protection involves preserving and enhancing the beauty and luminance of the painted surfaces of your vehicle. This is achieved by applying either a coating or a sealant.

“Sealant Application” Car - $125.00 Truck/SUV - $155.00 Van/Lg.SUV - $199.00

“Coating Application” Car -$550.00 Truck/SUV -$725.00 Van/Lg.SUV -$1,200.00

All Prices Are Subject To Change Based On Condition And Time.