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Does Car Detailing Take Long to Perform?

What Is the Average Time to Detail a Car?  

One of the most common questions we at Ultra Shine Auto Detail LLC get is “how long does a standard car detailing session take?” We do understand why we are asked that, after all, detailing does require you to hand over your keys to complete strangers.

However, this question is not easy to answer, as the process depends on various factors. Such as how dirty or damaged is your car, as this can take longer? Is your car an SUV or a pickup truck?

If you answer an affirmative to both of these questions, then it stands to sense that it will take longer to clean than a standard, medium-sized saloon car. So, there are various factors that you will need to take into account. However, we will try to help you out, we will try to go over every factor you need to account for in order to determine how long it will take for your car to be detailed by a professional.

How Long Does it Take?

So, we will begin with how long the detailing will take under good circumstances. Let us assume that your car is not that dirty and is medium-sized, then you can expect the detailing to take from 3 – 5 hours.

And even though this may seem excessive, just remember that professional detailing services are thorough; meaning they will detail every exterior panel on your car, the interior, and the windows all in one go.

It will naturally take less time if you choose a basic package that doesn’t include such things as shampooing, or cleaning options that will obviously take more time. The same can be said if you decide to go for the deluxe package, which will take much longer.

If you are looking for professional car detailing in or around the Dallas, TX area, and want information about our services and products, please do not hesitate to call this number (972) 695-9467 now for an appointment.


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